The Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) Directory

BGRS maintains a Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) Directory as part of the Federal Government Integrated Relocation Program. The TPSP Directory is available to over 20,000 relocating members and employees (M/E) annually, searchable by supplier and service area.

Membership in the TPSP Directory is free and open to all accredited Appraisers, Realtors, Lawyers, Home Inspectors and Rental Search Assistance Providers once they accept the terms of the Supplier Agreement.

Supplier Agreements
The BGRS Supplier Agreements are a contract between you, the Supplier and BGRS. Once you commit to the Supplier Agreement, you agree to provide services to relocating members and employees at or below the pre-negotiated rates within the parameters described in the agreement. You can indicate which areas you are willing to service on your on-line profile.

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Getting Selected
BGRS does not recommend suppliers; the member or employee is free to choose any supplier that meets his/her personal needs. While being listed in the TPSP Directory provides you with an opportunity to reach over 19000 M/E annually, it does not guarantee that M/E will request your services during their relocation. You may be contacted by BGRS or by the member directly to request your services.

Like other Canadians, M/E select Suppliers in various ways; based on their own experience with individuals and with companies, on recommendations from friends, colleagues and neighbours or on advertisement by Suppliers.

Once Selected
When contacted by BGRS or a relocating M/E, you must confirm the following:

  • That you have an arm’s-length relationship with that M/E and his family.
  • That you are available to meet their needs and timelines (If not, you must advise the M/E (and BGRS) who will select another TPSP).
  • That the property is located in an area entered under your profile for which you have agreed to the set fee as established.
  • If you are available to provide the services, you then proceed in accordance with the service standards identified on the Agreement.

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